Solo instrument

Storm (2018) for piccolo
Cadenza (2017) for violin
Antithema (2016) for cor anglais
Fa sì che... (2007) for bass clarinet

Chamber music

Notturno a Lerici (2018) for doublebass and piano
Nebbie (2018)
for tenor and piano
Two poems (2018for baritone and piano, text by Diego Conticello

  • Acqua del respiro

  • Allargare il salvabile

Songs of simple desires for soprano and cello:

  • Ich habe dich so lieb (2012)

  • Я вздрагиваю от холода (2016)

  • Die Ameisen (2016)

Seven modules for Standing in a circle (2013) a project with SUROGAAT, for flute, viola and live electronics (provided by SUROGAAT)
Intermezzo (2012) for violin and piano
Sulfurea (2008) for clarinet (soprano+bass) and piano



Sì fossi fuoco... (2017) for mixed choir  


Suite dalla colonna sonora di Riso Amaro (2012) commissioned by Fondazione Goffredo Petrassi, for chamber orchestra
Concerto Grosso Festivo (2018)
for santoor, violin, cello and strings

Film Soundtrack

Cam Girl (2014) a film by Mirca Viola