DOUBLE BASS Valentina Ciardelli, PIANO Alessandro Viale

Alessandro Viale’s “Notturno a Lerici" for double bass and piano is recorded in this CD.

An extract from the booklet, by Valentina Ciardelli:

Music from the Sphinx is a humorous reaction to this famous quote from Arturo Toscanini:

“I will die before getting to understand women and the intonation of the double basses.” As a woman and a double bassist, that must make me doubly dicult to understand! I must indeed be a sphinx. My musical journey has been to arrange, adapt and bring to life a range of repertoire that responds to Toscanini by turning the unknowable into the approachable.”

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible” F. Zappa

Robin Holloway

Robin Holloway’s Trios and Viola Sonata (2018)

Robin Holloway is one of Britain's most commissioned composers. This disc was recorded in his presence and released to celebrate his 75th birthday year. Rest Ensemble presents sparkling performances of three chamber works, beautifully capturing the music's many facets - lyricism, invention, virtuosity, playfulness, poetry, warmth and joyful exuberance.

VIOLIN Rebecca Raimondi, VIOLA Henrietta HIll, OBOE Rees Webster, CLARINET Oliver Pashley, PIANO Alessandro Viale

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David Collins

David Collins’s Violin Sonatas (2017)

David Collins had violin lessons at school, but never progressed very far, as composing began to occupy more of his time. Despite an absorbing interest in music, he was persuaded to pursue other career options; it was only later, while working in the Northwest that he decided to apply to the Royal Northern College of Music, where he studied composition with Anthony Gilbert, supporting himself by working two days a week throughout what was officially a full-time course. It is only recently that he has had more time for composing, and, having discarded almost everything written earlier, has concentrated mainly on chamber music, of which the pieces on this album are representative.

Rebecca Raimondi (violin) and Alessandro Viale (piano)

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Peter Seabourne's STEPS Volume 5: sixteen Scenes before a Crucifixion (2014)

The Passiontide paintings of Caravaggio provided the catalyst for the fifth volume of my large piano cycle series, Steps. The brilliant, but wild, often violent, "free-spirited" painter depicted several scenes of incidents preceding the crucifixion. t is perhaps surprising, though, that he never actually produced a Christ on the cross, given the subject's almost commonplace treatment. (His two works in the genre instead portray the crucifixions of the apostles Peter and Andrew). This is all the more remarkable given Caravaggio's fondness for alluding to his own dark secrets on canvas, a feature that even carries a sense of his own impending metaphorical "crucifixion". As is well known, he was effectively murdered when his enemies finally caught up with him.

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Scenes and Messages (2018)

Two Pieces for solo flute, Op. 62 (1970/2017)
Messages of Hope, Op. 87 (1987)
Three Ben Jonson Songs, Op. 126b (1984/1994)
Scenes from Shakespeare, Op. 164 (2009-2010)
When Most I Wink, Then Do Mine Eyes Best See, Op. 147
Three Shakespeare Duets, Opus 167 (2006/2011)
Sweet Song of the Summer Woods (reprise with birdsong), Op. 62 no. 2 (1970/2017)

Laura Cioffi (flute)
Patricia Auchterlonie (soprano)
Oliver Brignall, Jonathan Hyde (baritone)
Alessandro Viale (piano)
rec. 2018, The Sheva Studios, Fulbeck, UK
SHEVA SH209 [67:47]

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